Links to Google results showing top local business placement:

Top organic and natural search engine placements are the results of a synergistic content-based marketing with basic website search engine optimization. The following businesses are not paying for their top placements for their keywords because of the long-term benefits of good content, incoming links and website SEO.

Search Type: Keywords plus Location
Query: "restaurant fixtures in los angeles ca"
Local Business: Charlie's Fixtures Inc.
Position: 1st in Google Places
Position: 1st in Google organic results
Search Type: Keywords Only
Query: "restaurant fixtures"
Local Business: Charlie's Fixtures Inc.
Position: 1st in Google Places
Position: 4th in Google organic results

Note: Search engines can automatically detect the location of the user and display the most relevant results from local area businesses. So typing just the keywords "restaurant fixtures" in Google displays the local business "Charlie's Fixtures" while user is in the Los Angeles area.

Search Type: Keywords plus Location
Query: "beauty salon in fontana"
Local Business: Hair Etc
Position: 6th in Google organic results
Web Page:

Note: Notice that the result is a Wow Business web page because it is search engine optimized with content. The Wow Business webpage links to the business website:

Search Type: Keywords plus Location
Query: "jewelers in rancho cucamonga ca"
Local Business: Gemma's Jewelers
Position: 5th in Google Places
Position: 2nd in Google -
Position: 4th in Google -

Note: The business Gemma's Jewelers has three links to their business in the first page of the organic search results. That's like owning 30% of the page which increases the chances of being found by shoppers.

Search Type: Product Keywords plus Location
Local Business: Gemma's Jewelers
Query 1: "diamond bracelets in rancho cucamonga"
Query 2: "bulova watches in rancho cucamonga"
Query 3: "watches in rancho cucamonga"
Position 1: 8th in Google -
Position 2: 8th in Google -
Position 3: 9th in Google -
Search Type: Keywords plus Location
Query: "korean bbq restaurant in riverside ca"
Local Business: Koreana Grill BBQ Buffet
Position: 4nd in Google
Position: 5th in Google


Every local small business can benefit with local online marketing and website search engine optimization. There is not one magic bullet that will put your business in the first page for your keywords. But it is not rocket science and a systematic marketing approach can be performed. Online results are measurable and can be used as benchmarks for future marketing actions. To succeed in the digital marketplace, a local small business has to use technology to their advantage with focus on their primary market. In its simplest terms, a business needs to have good content in their website, optimize the website for best search engine indexing, and increase distribution channels for their contents with incoming links.

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